Substation Testing & Monitoring

We specialise in the supply and repair of substation testing and substation electrical safety equipment since 1996. Choose from  leading brands in substation testing equipment such as Seba, Megger (Programma) and Ridgid.

Our dedicated Substation Testing site caters for all your substation testing and substation monitoring equipment needs:

Battery Testing
We supply a full range of battery test equipment – battery impedance testers, battery discharge test equipment and battery ground fault locators from Megger (Programma) and G. Jost (Cellizer).

Circuit Breaker Testing
View our range of Megger (Programma) circuit breaker timers, circuit breaker analyzers and vacuum circuit breaker testers- Megger EGIL, Megger TM1600, TM1800 and Megger VIDAR.

Earth Testing
View our range of Megger earthing & grounding test equipment, soil resistivity testers and ground resistance testers for field engineers. This equipment is used to remedy poor grounding, which can be extremely dangerous and also increases the risk of equipment failure.

High Voltage Detectors
View our range of High Voltage Detectors (HV detectors). HV Detectors are used for practical detection of voltages on electrical medium and high voltage systems in the power generation and distribution, rail network, petrochemical and electrical service and maintenance industries.

High Voltage Testing
View our range of products high voltage test equipment for utility and industrial applications – AC hipots, AC Dielectric Test Sets, DC Hipots, Aerial Lift & Bucket Truck Testers, Surge Generators, VLF Testers, Tan Delta Testers & Vacuum Circuit Breaker Testers.

Low Resistance Testing
Low Resistance Measurements are required to prevent long term damage to existing equipment and to minimize energy wasted as heat. View our range of Megger Low Resistance Testing equipment, including micro-ohmmeters and digital low resistance ohmmeters.

Oil Testing
View our range of Insulating Oil Testing equipment for the testing of insulating fluids for impurities and ageing. The testing of insulating fluids is a legal requirement and is regulated through national and international standards.

Partial Discharge Testing
See our range of EA Technology partial discharge detectors. PD detectors such as the UltraTEV, UltraMET Plus and the CDC Cable Data Collector measure partial discharge which occur at any point in the insulation system, where the electric field strength exceeds the breakdown strength of that portion of the insulating material. See our full range of partial discharge detectors.

Primary Injection Testing
View our range of primary injection testing equipment for us in high current and high voltage power distribution systems in electricity substations or in a large industrial installations.
Protection Relay Test Kits
We supply protection relay test kits (secondary injection test kits) – Megger (Programma) FREJA protection relay test kits, Megger SVERKER secondary injection test kits, Megger GOOSE message interface and Megger CA30 current amplifiers.

Transformer Testing
View our range of transformer testing equipment:  oil testing kits, transformer ohmmeters, turns ratio testers, tan delta testers and frequency response analyzers.

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