Power Cable Accessories

Power Cable Accessories
We offer a complete range of power cable accessories – cable connectors, cable terminations, cable joints, cable lugs and jointing accessories from leading suppliers  Raychem, 3M, TE Connectivity and GPH.

Separable Connectors
Made of a highly modified silicone rubber for high tracking resistance, our range of separable connectors feature elongation at break and non-flammability. See our range of Raychem Coupling Connectors and Separable Connectors, ranging from 24kV to 42kV.

Cable Terminations
View our range of Raychem and 3M three core cable terminations and single core cable terminations, ranging from 11kV to 52kV.

Shear Bolt Connectors
View our range of GPH & TE Connectivity shear bolt connectors. Shear Bolt Connectors are mechanical connectors up to 36kV, with shear-off-head bolts and transfers grooving.

Cable Joints
We supply a wide range of  three core cable joints and single core cable joints, ranging from 11kV to 52kV.

Cable Lugs
See our range of Bicon Cable Lugs, Copper Lugs, MV Lugs and much more.

Jointing Accessories
We supply a wide range of Cable Cleaning Wipes, EPR Tape, Cable Repair Kits & Resin Packs from 3M and TE Connectivity.

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