Lockout Tagout Customisation

Customised Solutions

LOTO Custom Engraving

Laser Engraving – We can offer you a flexible, efficient, cost effective and customised service when it comes to your Laser engraving requirement. With our in-house Laser engraving machine, we can engrave your padlocks and key tags with the detail you require to ensure a clear and permanent identification for your Lockout/Tagout system. The identification can be a Company Logo, number, an initial, name or a combination of all. We can engrave 150 locks per day.

LOTO Custom Padlocks

Colour Coding – we can supply your safety padlocks in one of the following colours: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Teal, Yellow. Colour coding aids in easy identification.

Customised LOTO Storage Solution’s

LOTO Custom Lockout Stations

Lockout Stations – We can design & manufacture your customised LOTO Storage station to your specific site requirement’s. These LOTO stations can include customised integrated Shadow boards to house all your LOTO Devices & Safety Padlocks. Also we can include fixed Storage Bins or Removable Storage Lin Bins within the station also. Stations can also have storage areas for Permits books so they are readily available to the Authorised persons. These customised storage solutions can be Wall/Floor mounted, free standing and also portable if required. LOTO stations can be fully lockable if required.

LOTO Custom Shadow Boards

Shadow Boards – A customised shadow board is an integral part of any LOTO system. Not only does it help retain the LOTO Devices within a LOTO system but it also acts as a visual aid to promote LOTO on site. The shadow board can be fully customised to incorporate any company LOGO, Safety Slogans, Safety devices & permit book holders. We can also enhance your electrical switch rooms with our fully customised Rescue Shadow boards. These can incorporate LV/MV Voltage detectors, Rescue Hooks, Insulated Gloves, Test equipment & CPR information. Shadow boards can be made in any shape or size to accommodate the allocated wall space.

Customised Tags/Signage

LOTO Custom Tags

LOTO Tags – We can design & manufacture customised LOTO Tags to ensure your LOTO procedure is effective. Tags can have company logos, Safety statements, procedure numbers, Employee number, Photo ID, Equipment ID incorporated on them. Tags can be designed with perforations and in any shape or size. Tags can be printed on Carbon paper, Hard Paper, PVC and 5yr year guarantee laminate.

LOTO Custom Signs

Signage – We can design and print your customised safety signage in house to your exact requirement’s. Signs can be printed on Vinyl Laminate, PVC and Corriboard. Signage can also be Laser engraved onto Traffolyte plastics, Aluminum & Acrylics. All signs can be laser cut to required size.

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