Why Do We Need PAT Testing?

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PAT Testing is an essential aspect of any company’s Health & Safety Policy. All employers are required to ensure the safety of staff members or vistors to their place of work, when it comes to electrical equipment within a business premises.

Why Do We Need PAT Testing?

In the event of an accident relating to Portable Appliance in the workplace, an enquiry is normally launched by either an Insurance Company or an Inspector of the HSA. The employer will need to demonstrate to an investigating authority that the Company took all reasonable steps to ensure all equipment was safe and without risk.

In short, the employer will need to produce a maintenance record.

PAT Testing & Maintenance Scheduling

Portable Appliance Testing  ensures you to comply with your legal obligations. PAT Testing is a convenient and complete method of testing electrical appliances to ensure that their safety, along with a correct maintenance schedule and stored test results.

It’s worth remembering that the risks to employees, employers and businesses are very real, not only from the risk of electrical shock but also the risk of fire caused by faulty appliances.

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