Why do we need heating blankets for high-voltage cables

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In the world of power utilities and renewable energy, the reliability and efficiency of high-voltage cables are paramount. Ensuring that these cables are properly straightened, relaxed, and connected is vital to maintaining a stable electrical infrastructure. One invaluable tool for achieving this is the heating blankets offered by Kuhlmann Electro-Heat. These heating blankets have become indispensable in the industry for a variety of reasons. In this article, we will explore the advantages and various usages of these specialized heating blankets.

Advantages of Heating Blankets for High Voltage Cables

Cable Straightening and Relaxation: The primary purpose of these heating blankets is to straighten and relax high-voltage cables before installation. This crucial step ensures that the cables fit perfectly into their intended positions, reducing the risk of damage during installation and improving overall cable performance.

Customizability: Kuhlmann Electro-Heat provides a range of sizes for their heating blankets, allowing users to match different blanket sizes to fit various cable dimensions. Even if a specific size is not readily available, custom blankets can be made upon request. This level of customization ensures that the heating blankets can be tailored to specific project requirements.

Temperature Control: These heating blankets are equipped with a built-in sensor connected to an adjustable temperature controller. The digital temperature display provides precise control over the heating process, ensuring that cables are heated to the optimal temperature for straightening and relaxation.

Safety Features: Safety is a top priority, especially when working with high-voltage cables. These heating blankets are designed with multiple safety features, including a limiter at 100ºC and a thermal fuse at 130ºC. In addition, there’s a 16A current fuse for electrical protection. The Electrical Protection Class II rating further enhances the safety of these blankets.

Durability: Constructed with silicone-coated cloth and 6mm thick fibreglass insulation, these heating blankets are built to withstand high temperatures and harsh working conditions. This durability ensures a long service life, making them a sound investment for cable maintenance.

Environmentally Resistant: The IP55 rating indicates that these blankets are resistant to dust and water, making them suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions. They operate effectively in temperatures ranging from -10ºC to 40ºC, providing flexibility in various outdoor applications.

Power Options: With the choice of 750W and 1500W power options, users can select the appropriate heating intensity for their specific cable requirements. Furthermore, these blankets can be powered using either 120V or 230V sources, offering versatility in different electrical setups.

Wide Application: These heating blankets find application not only in the power utility and renewable energy sectors but also in the construction industry and similar fields. They are a versatile solution for cable maintenance and installation across various domains.

Usages of Heating Blankets for High Voltage Cables

Straightening High Voltage Cables: The primary usage is straightening high voltage cables to ensure they fit correctly during installation, minimizing the risk of damage and ensuring optimal performance.

Relaxing Cables: High-voltage cables often need to be relaxed before installation to reduce stress and ensure long-term durability. Heating blankets are an effective tool for achieving this.

Curing Epoxy Joints: After epoxy joints are made, these blankets can be employed to cure them effectively, ensuring a strong and reliable bond.

Joining High Voltage Cables: When joining high voltage cables, using heating blankets can help in achieving a seamless connection, improving the overall reliability of the electrical system.


Kuhlmann Electro-Heat’s heating blankets for high-voltage cables are an indispensable asset in the power utility and renewable energy sectors. Their numerous advantages, including customizability, temperature control, safety features, and durability, make them an essential tool for cable maintenance and installation. Whether straightening, relaxing, or joining high-voltage cables, these blankets offer precise and reliable heating solutions, contributing to the efficiency and safety of electrical infrastructure projects.

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