Who requires PAT Testing?

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Who exactly needs to do PAT Testing? And what is involved in the PAT Testing process?

PAT Testing needs to be carried out by any organisation that has portable appliances in their place of work. But was exactly is a portable appliance? In short, a portable appliance is any electrical device with a plug.

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Who requires PAT Testing?

Workplaces such as private companies , hotels, hospitals, schools , universities , constructions sites are required to conduct PAT Testing within their organisations. The company safety representative needs to conduct an on-site risk assesment to decide on a test frequency of all their portable appliances.

The IET Code of Practice (Institution of Engineering and Technology) for in-service inspection & testing of portable equipment can be used as a source on guidance on test frequency, as there is a suggested initial frequency of testing of Portable Appliances section within the code. However, the IET Code of Practice should be used only as a reference document for best practice & can be adopted across the globe.

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