Who Can Carry Out PAT Testing?

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OK, so we know that PAT Testing is an essential part of any company’s Health & Safety Policy. But who is allowed to do it? Who is qualified to carry out PAT Testing?

The IEE Code of Practice states that those carrying out inspection and testing must be competent to undertake the inspection and where appropriate, testing of electrical equipment and appliances. These competent individuals should have due regard to their own safety and that of others.

PAT Testing Technician Requirements

The test technician must have an understanding of the modes of electrical, mechanical and thermal damage to an electrical portable device. Furthermore, a competent test technican needs to have:

  • A good understanding of the class of appliance & system to be worked on (Class 1, 2 & 3)
  • Adequate knowledge of electricity
  • Adequate experience of electrical work
  • Understanding the hazards that may arise during the work and the precautions that need to be taken
  • The ability to recognise at all times whether it is safe for work to continue

PAT Training Courses

It is generally recommended that any persons undertaking the task of testing and inspecting of portable appliance, must have completed a PAT Testing training course. PAT Training courses generally cover key areas such as equipment classification, determination of test frequency & familiarity with test equipment.

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