Powerpoint Engineering will be presenting at ARC Flash and Isolation Safety Conference

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LockoutSafety.com, a division of Powerpoint Engineering, are delighted to announce that we will be presenting at the Arc Flash and Isolation Safety Conference on the 9th and 10th June 2015, at the Marriott Hotel, Victoria & Albert, Manchester, UK.

Arc flash is a topical issue in the electrical engineering community as many people in the UK receive severe and debilitating burns each year. Technology and safety procedures have significantly reduced most other forms of electrical injuries; however incidents related to arc flash have surfaced as one of the leading causes of injury and even death to workers. The technical aspects and physics associated with arc flash are still somewhat debatable. There have been concerns about the physics of electrical arcing faults being significantly different to those established by the USA with the NFPA 70E and the IEEE 1584 standards.

Although arc flash is a contentious and critical issue, there are still no UK specific standards to deal with arc flash safety. In terms of legislation, there is a requirement in the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 for ‘suitable and sufficient’ risk assessment to be undertaken. There is also the need to meet the requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

Featured keynote speakers:
Hugh Hoagland
International arc flash testing and electrical safety expert
Founder of ArcWear

Mike Frain
Authority on the drafting and training of electrical safety procedures
Lead consultant for the authorship of the DuPont™ Arcguide

Cathal McGrath – Director of Operations (Arc Flash PPE Division), Powerpoint Engineering Ltd

Topics that will be covered in the conference:

Hear local and international case studies detailing the latest arc flash mitigation
strategies and solutions
• Learn about UK & EU standards developments in arc flash
• Learn about electrical safety statistics and the implications for you
• Learn practical considerations for PPE selection and testing
• Learn about standards including NFPA 70E 2012, ENA-NENS 09, AS4836, AS 3000 and AS 3439
• Understand how to achieve a compliant and electrically safe work place
• Learn how to provide arc flash training for your staff
• Detail the steps to perform an arc flash hazard analysis
• Clearly understand what an arc flash is and the potential injuries that can result
• Define what personal protective equipment (PPE) is required on your site
• Learn how to perform testing and maintenance on your personal protective equipment (PPE)

Who should attend:

• Electrical Technicians, Engineers and Managers
• Engineering Managers
• Risk Assessors
• Design Engineers
• Manufacturers of PPE & Safety Equipment
• Safety Facilitators
• Instrumentation & Control Technicians and Engineers
• Process Safety and Loss Prevention Managers
• Government Safety Regulators / Inspectors
• OHS/Training Managers
• Tradespersons working in potentially explosive areas

for more information: Arc Flash and Isolation Safety Conference Brochure
Ph: +44 (020) 8335 4014 / conferences@idc-online.com or www.idc-online.com

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