The Importance Of Calibration

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Torque Calibration

Calibration has become very important in Ireland over the past number of years in terms of quality control and health and safety. It is crucial that all companies and service suppliers understand their responsibilities when it comes to calibration. Calibration has been the norm for manufacturing industries for many years, as an important tool for ensuring their processes are carried out to a high standard and enabling them to receive quality certification such as ISO9001 etc…

Health and safety demands have driven the need for calibration with service providers such as electrical contractors. The CER has been committed to raising the standards in the electrical industry by way of new regulation, more training and restricting electrical contracting to only qualified and certified people and calibration is one part of this initiative. If an electrician has a good knowledge of “test and verification” and uses an instrument that can be trusted any potential safety issues can be detected before the customer or public get in contact with an electrical installation.  As an example, loop impedance is a very important post connection test but is also the most troublesome function on a tester.  If a tester has not been calibrated for a few years this reading could be getting gradually worse over time.  Any installation tested in this time should be rechecked, which is going to cost the contractor time and money and affect customer confidence.

In time all of the newly introduced regulations will improve standards in the electrical industry and the onus is on contractors to comply.  This will provide confidence that the job has been done to a good standard and should protect you from liability in the future.

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