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Fluke wireless testers have enabled technicians on the field to record measurements in a safe and easy manner, and troubleshoot problems effectively, but on their own. The Fluke Connect mobile application now makes it possible to record and share live data from multiple wireless testers among team members physically present in different locations, and analyse and resolve problems based on the collective experience and knowledge of the entire team. Fluke Connect wireless testers facilitate timely decisions and solutions, which can enhance the effectiveness of routine and preventative maintenance and, hence, the safety levels at the workplace. It is, however, important to note that all Fluke wireless testers may not be compatible with Fluke Connect. Only some are integrated with the smartphone app and the list is expected to grow.

Is Your Fluke Wireless Tester Compatible with Fluke Connect?

While eventually all wireless testers from Fluke, save first generation of CNX products, are expected to be Connect-compatible, product availability and app support is bound to vary across geographies. The tool compatibility guide featured on the company website will prove to be a valuable starting point for those looking to check out Fluke Connect.

The interactive guide has been designed to offer the best possible user experience for each testing tool that is supported by Fluke Connect. Using this guide, it is possible to determine specific changes and add-ons that are needed for a given device to communicate with the mobile app.

Here’s a quick reference though.

An additional Fluke SD card makes most thermal imagers (Ti90, 95, 100,105, 110 and 125) compatible with the Fluke Connect mobile app. It is, however, worth noting that other off-the-shelf SD cards are not supported by Fluke thermal imagers. The Ti400, however, requires a firmware upgrade to communicate with Fluke Connect. Capacity for live streaming or sharing thermal images is bound to vary based on the refresh rates of both the imager and the smartphone.

It is possible to make the process meters Fluke Connect-compatible by equipping them with an IR3000 FC Connector. While it may be possible to read analogue measurements (ramping/stepping modes) and pass them on to the smartphone, loop control is beyond the scope of the app.

As for the CNX range of Fluke tools, Fluke Connect compatibility is out of question as these basically lack Bluetooth® connectivity and thus cannot communicate with smartphones. Upgrading to the latest Fluke Connect line of products is the only way to experience the advanced features of the mobile application and their benefits. CNX products are no different from their latest counterparts in terms of features or capabilities, except for integrating and sharing data.

Fluke Connect Wireless Testers – Practical Benefits

Fluke Connect-enabled wireless testers prove beneficial in several ways, thanks to the salient features of the mobile app.

While it was possible to record, store and transfer key maintenance data using wireless testers, the process involved several devices, tools and steps, making it both effort-intensive and time-consuming.

ShareLive™ enables team members to communicate in real-time via video calls, presenting relevant first-hand information and images to the entire team. Technicians can choose to share live data without saving it, or even mail the saved measurements to people outside the team, if the need arises.

AutoRecord™ facilitates automating the process of recording measurements, while the TrendIt™ feature proves valuable in tracking mundane data using graphs. Recorded measurements, organized as ‘equipment logs’ help track key equipment performance in greater detail.

The huge volumes of live data from large-scale installations require secure 24×7 access across different locations, and high storage and processing capabilities. Fluke Cloud™ offers cloud storage for all data processed via Fluke Connect, ensuring safe and secure archival of historical data, which often proves to be a valuable source of reference for predictive/preventative maintenance across industries.

The Fluke Connect smartphone app can easily communicate with a Fluke Connect wireless tester located 20 metres away, provided the path is clear of any major obstructions. Technicians can record data and monitor multiple testers from a single point, without much physical movement, saving a lot of time and effort otherwise spent on recording measurements.

Fluke Connect wireless testers offer users the flexibility of creating a custom Fluke Connect system using a combination of wireless tools, testers, modules and accessories that best meet specific settings and their maintenance requirements.

Adopting a Fluke Connect system not only helps take the pinch out of preventative maintenance to some extent, but also enables all team members to participate in the process, sharing and seeking valuable feedback and suggestions to tide over issues, if any unearthed during the process. Features to easily record and save measurements, analyse and track key parameters/equipment, and secure and continuous access to data and real-time interactions also help enhance the team’s productivity and effectiveness of maintenance routines.

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