Insulating Oil Analysis

Insulating Oil Analysis

We provide diagnostic testing of oil, gas and other insulating materials used in transformers, power circuit breakers and load tap-changers. Along with our partner TJ/H2B, we offer Insulating Oil Analysis to customers in Ireland.


  • Transformer Disolved Gas Analysis – DGA
  • Oil Quality tests – Breakdown Voltage, Acidity, Moisture Content
  • PCB testing for insulating oils – content tests to IEC61919
  • Breaker Oil Analysis (BOA™) for oil filled circuit breakers
  • Tap changer Activity Signature Analysis (TASA™) for on-load Tap Changers 
  • Transformer Condition Assessment (TCA™) for oil insulated transformers of any size

For oil sample bottles, advice on oil sampling procedures or any related enquiries, please contact us or call us at 057 866 2162.

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