Fristads Flame Protection Workwear
Fristads Flame Protection Workwear

Since their arrival to the market, Fristads’s have been one of Scandinavia’s longest established and most credible workwear brands. Fristads produce high quality flame protection workwear that is not only functional and durable but also comfortable for the wearer.

Fristad workwear have been designed to protect workers who are exposed to heat, flames, electric arc, chemicals and welding sparks. Perfectly combining highly protective and antistatic features with legendary Fristads comfort, these garments work as your personal protective shield.

At Fristads, the safety of the worker comes first. To ensure quality, Fristads perform rigorous testing on their garments including tensile and abrasion, testing strength, real life applications and user comfort. To protect the wearers skin, all Fristads flame retardant garments feature textile technology that inhibit the combustion process and create a protective barrier between the flame or heat source and the skin, thus preventing second-degree burns in the event of an incident occuring.

Flame Protection by Fristads is now widely recognised as one of the most trusted ranges of workwear offering not only high quality protective outer garments that conform to the latest European norms, but also base-layer and mid-layer garments that offer flame protection. All garments offer superior comfort and flexibility.

Fristads broad range of workwear includes Coveralls, Jackets, Trousers, Shirts and much more. Such an extensive range makes it easy for you to find the flame protection workwear that best suits your occupation, risk assessment and work environment. All Fristad workwear garments are designed to rise to whatever challenges come with your profession while ensuring your safety and comfort.

Flame retardancy prevents flames from spreading. Hoewever, heat can spread through the garment causing the skin to burn. Wearing protective garments together in a layered combination offers greater protection than wearing the garments individually. It also allows for added comfort throughout all seasons. A flame-retardant jacket or trousers will protect against heat for a period. Simply by adding flame-retardant underwear, this period is doubled. This also applies for electric arc certified garments – wearing several layers will increase the EBT/ATPV value and thus the amount of energy that the garment system can withstand.

By choosing Fristads flame protection workwear, you can be sure that you are getting the best protection available.