ATEX Safety Inspections

ATEX Safety Inspections

Powerpoint Engineering Limited provides a complete range of safety solutions for all your ATEX requirements. Thanks to in-depth knowledge and experience of our ATEX Technicians, we are able to provide necessary Training in ATEX regulations as well as the Safety Equipment to help you manage hazardous conditions where risk of a fire or explosion is high. The knowledge and skills are invaluable in all those dangerous areas.

We offer bespoke ATEX Safety Services that complies with International Legal Regulations. These services includes the following:

  • ATEX Consultancy
  • ATEX On-site Inspections
  • ATEX Safety Awareness Training

We carry out on-site ATEX Safety Inspections that are ranging from initial assesment of your ATEX requirements to provision of the entire, complex survey (including Part 17 inspections, electrical installations, equipment and systems inspections, etc.). If required, we can provide details of the inspection pointing out works that have to be carried out in an Explosive Protection Document to ensure not only compliance with the Legal Requirements of the EU, but most of all – the complete safety in hazardous conditions.

If you require this service please email us or phone us on 057 8662162.
For more information please refer to our ATEX Protection Website.